Wednesday, July 23, 2014

This Week at Old South Haven Church

A note: Last week I attended the 50th Anniversary of the National Campus Ministry Association. As a member of the Coordinating Committee for NCMA (having just completed my term) I have had the assignment of contacting other former campus ministers, asking them to submit to me, and a team of two others, stories from their years as campus ministers. The stories have now been collected from 50 of them, serving twenty-five and more years. Their stories will be published in a book. This project convinced me how important it is to share our stories. It has let me also to prepare a series of sermons, which I hope to deliver over the next several weeks, on the theme of "Telling Our Stories."

Sunday, July 27 "Telling Stories"
Lessons: Psalm 77 Luke 7: 18-23

Sunday, August 3 "Telling My Story: Saying "Yes"
To the Spirit Within"
Lessons: Job 3: 1-26 Philippians 3: 1-16

Sunday, August 10 "Telling Our Stories:
Finding A Support Community"
Lessons: Matthew 26: 36 -46 Colossians 3: 12-17

Sunday, August 17 "Telling The Biblical Story:
It Speaks To Me"
Lessons: Hebrews 11: 1-3,8-16, 32- 12:3 John 1: 1-18

Sunday, August 24 " We've a Story To Tell:
Listening Before Speaking"
Lessons: John 21: 15 -25 Romans 12: 1-21

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