Wednesday, September 25, 2013

[news] FW: This Week At Old South Haven Presbyterian Church

                        This Week At Old South Haven Presbyterian Church

Thursday, Sept. 26          2:00pm     Budgeting and Finance Committee
                                                          Presbytery of Long Island
                                                               meeting in Carriage House

Friday, Sept. 27            10:00am     Service of Remembrance and Celebration
                                                                             of the life of
                                                                         Bob Duckworth
                                                         Congregational Church of Patchogue
                                                                      95 East Main Street

Saturday, Sept.28    9:30am-3:30pm      Presbytery’s 2013 Visioning Retreat
                                               “Call to the Soul: To What is God Calling Us?”
                                                    led by Steve Shussett, Lehigh Presbytery
                                                          The Presbyterian Church of Islip
                                                                    340 Main Street, Islip

Sunday, Sept. 29         10:00am              Morning Worship
                                                 Sermon: “Jeremiah’s Foolish Investment”
                                                 Lessons:   Jeremiah 32: 1: 3a, 6-15
                                                                   I Timothy 6: 6-19
                                            Moment for Mission: The Peacemaking Offering
                                                                   Brian Mullahy

Thursday, Oct. 3         6:00-10:00pm     “Share the Harvest”
                                                           Long Island Council of Churches
                                                           Crest Hollow County Club
Jericho Turnpike, Woodbury, NY
                  $135 per person

Saturday, Oct. 5             9:00am – 4:00pm       CHURCH YARD SALE

Sunday, Oct.6                10:00am               World Communion Sunday
                                                                    Peacemaking Offering
                                                    Sermon:  “Peace At All Times in All Ways”

Looking Ahead
Sunday, Oct. 13              6:00pm          Church Pot-Luck Supper


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