Wednesday, June 12, 2013

[news] This Week At Old South Haven Presbyterian Church

       This Week At Old South Haven Presbyterian Church

Saturday, June 15      9:00am        Finance and Property Committee

Sunday, June 16        10:00am           Morning Worship
                                               Sermon: “Water As A Human Right”
                                               Lessons:   Genesis 1:1-13
                                               John 4: 7-15  Revelation 22;1-5
  From beginning to end – Genesis to Revelation – water flows through the story of salvation.  God’s Spirit breathes upon the waters of creation (Genesis 1).  God’s invitation to abundant life is like a freely flowing fountain.(John 4)  God’s eternal realm is like a river that flows from the heavenly throne, bringing healing to all nations.(Rev.22)  What is the significance of water for life, or the lack of it?  


What political and economic implications if water is a human right?

Monday, June 17           7:30pm (note change of time)
                                           Session and Deacons Meeting 

Thursday, June 20          10:00am     Clergy Book Study
                                                           Presbytery Center

Sunday, June 23             10:00am      Morning Worship

Tuesday, June 25             2:00pm       Presbytery Meeting
                                                      Mattituck Presbyterian Church 

Sunday, June 30               10:00am       Morning Worship

                                            2:00pm   Celebration of life of Karen Rowley
                                              The Rowley Home, Beaver Dam Road
                                              RSVP  to Carl Rowley (her son) at 408-731-6336.

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