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[news] This Week At Old South Haven Presbyterian Church

Apparently, not all received the original weekly email.  I have resent it.


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       This Week At Old South Haven Presbyterian Church

Condolences and Prayers
    The Congregation was informed last Sunday of the death of   Dorry Tooker’s grandson Zack Quappe in an accident in the Cayman Islands where he and his family lived. We extend our condolences to Dorry and to Zack’s family and will remember them in our prayers
                                                   Pastor Tom and the Congregation
Saturday, May  25       9:00am       CHURCH FAIR/Yard Sale

                                       Workers needs from 8:00am on

Sunday, May 26         10:00am     Presbyterian Heritage Sunday
                                         Sermon: “When You Needed a Token
                                                              To Participate”
                                         Lessons; Mark 7:14-23
                                                        I Corinthians 11: 23-34
          The sermon will focus on that time when communion tokens        were a familiar feature of Presbyterian worship. What was their purpose?  Why have they be eliminated?

Monday, May 27              MEMORIAL DAY
                                 Parades in Brookhaven and Bellport

Sunday, June 2        10:00am    More Light Sunday

               Sermon: “Singing A New Song: More Light Sunday 2013
                Lessons: Psalm 96     Colossians 3: 12-17 

                                     4:00pm  Program in Carriage House
                                     “Welcoming Transgender People”

                                      Speaker: Juli Grey-Owens
                                      Followed by fellowship and refreshments

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