Friday, April 5, 2013

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          This Week At Old South Haven Presbyterian Church

Saturday April 6         9:00am       Church Yard Clean-up

Sunday, April 7         10:00am      Second Sunday of Easter:


                                                       Holy Communion
                                   Sermon:             “Now What?”
                                   Lessons:   Acts 5: 27 -32     John 20:19-31
    What is the message for the congregation after the celebration of Easter Sunday when the pews were full, the hymns were triumphant, and the choir, accompanied by the trumpet, thrilled us.?
What is the message for this Sunday commonly known as “low Sunday when attendance will no doubt be low and many pastors take the Sunday off?

Thursday, April 11      10:00am        Clergy Study Group
                                                           Presbytery Office 

Saturday, April 13         9:00am   Finance and Property Committee

Sunday, April 14           10:00am     Third Sunday of Easter
                                       Sermon:   “Back To The Basics”
                                       Lessons:    Acts 9: 1-6     John 21: 1-19

Tuesday, April 16  12:30pm – 6:30pm  PRESBYTERY MEETING
                               We Host:      need for all hands on deck
                                   5:30pm      Dinner at St. James Episcopal
                         Steering Committee: Darcy Stevens, Debbie Mayo,
                                               Diane Hall, Linda Scott, Sean Moran

Looking Ahead
       Monday, April 22      7:00pm        Session Meeting

      Saturday, April 27       5:00pm       “Opera, Organ and More”

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