Tuesday, February 21, 2012

[news] This Week At Old South Haven Presbyterian Church

     This Week At Old South Haven Presbyterian Church


Wednesday. Feb. 22                    ASH WEDNESDAY 

                             7:30pm     Worship Service led by Alan Stevens.

                                  Those attending will be given the opportunity

                                   to receive the imposition of ashes.


Friday, Feb. 24-Saturday, Feb. 25       Pastor Tom attending Union

                             Theological Seminary Alumni/ae Meeting, NYS.


Sunday, Feb. 26     10:00am      First Sunday of Lent

                                             Sermon: “Storms and Rainbows”

                                             Lessons:   Gen. 9: 8-17    Mark 1: 9-15


                                 2:00pm  30th Annual Meeting and Peace Party

                                                       South Country Peace Group

                                                St. James Episcopal Church annex

                                         2:00pm        Business Meeting

                                         3:30pm        Party

                                               honoring    Veterans for Peace, LI

                                          (reading of “It’s a Matter of Perspective”

                                                          by Jason A. Neal


Sunday, Mar. 4       10:00am     Second Sunday of Lent:

                                                           Holy Communion

                                               Sermon: “The Community Of Faith”

                                               Lessons:  Gen. 17: 1-7, 15-16

                                                               Romans 4: 13-25

                                                               Mark 8: 31-38


Wednesday, Mar. 7     11:00am   Celebration of Rev. Bill Rambo’s

                                                                   100th Birthday

                                                      Northport Methodist Church

                              (Bill was the General Presbyter of LI Presbytery

                                                for a number of years)


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