Tuesday, November 22, 2011

[news] This Week At Old South Haven Presbyterian Church

               This Week At Old South Haven Presbyterian Church


Thursday                         HAPPY THANKSGIVING


Sunday, Nov. 28      10:00am    First Sunday of Advent

                                         Sermon: “Stay Ready and Keep Awake”

                                         Lessons:   Isa. 64:1-9  Mark 13: 24-37

                                         The Candle of Hope  -  Nancy Best


Tuesday, Nov. 29      7:30pm    Personnel Committee at the Manse


Sunday, Dec. 4       10:00am   Second Sunday of Advent

                                         Sermon: “God Meets Us As We Are”


                                7:00pm     Discussion of “The First Christmas”

                                                            in the Gallery


Thursday, Dec.     10:00am    Clergy Discussion, Presbytery


Sunday, Dec. 11    10:00 am    Third Sunday of Advent

                                             Sermon:   “The Light of the World”

                               11:30 am     Christmas tree erected

                                                      Brian Mullahy and helpers

                                  4:00pm     Decorating tree and sanctuary

                                                        Stuffing Socks for the Home

                                  5:00pm    Soup, cheese and crackers


Monday, Dec. 12      7:00pm    Follow up discussion on

                                                       “The First Christmas”


Friday, Dec. 16         7:00pm    Elders, Deacons, Church Officers

                                                       Party at the Manse


Sunday, Dec. 18      10:00am    Fourth Sunday of Advent

                                          Sermon:  “A Surprising Announcement”


Saturday, Dec.2    11:00pm     Christmas Eve Candle Light Service


Sunday, Dec. 25    10:00am          CHRISTMAS DAY

                                                   Sermon:   “Christmas Affirmation”



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