Wednesday, September 21, 2011

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                              This Week At Old South Haven Presbyterian Church


Saturday, Sept. 24                9:00 am                   CLEAN UP DAY

       If you are available we need you. Beside general clean-up, we need to move furniture back into the Gallery. This past Tuesday the floor was sanded and a first of two coats was put on. Second coat should be well dry by Saturday and we can move stuff back.


Sunday, Sept.  25                10:00am                   Morning Worship

               The denominational calendar indicates it is Evangelism Sunday

                                                       Sermon:  “Old South Haven’s Witnesses”

                                                       this year’s theme:  “Be my Witnesses”  Acts 1: 8

                                                       Lessons:  Exodus 17: 1-7   Matthew  21: 23-32.

                                                (a sermon that asks the question: What do you experience

                                                       at OSHPC that is worth mentioning to others?)


Tuesday, Sept.  27            12noon – 3:00pm     “Welcoming – Embracing- Reaching Out” 

                                                   A presentation by Dr. Emad Ramzy Philobbos

                                                            Egyptian International Peacemaker

                                                            Presbytery Center, Commack.     Lunch provided.

                                          Dr. Philobbos is Professor of Geology at Assiut University in

                                          Upper Egypt. He was General Secretary of the Protestant

                                          Community in Egypt, and is now a board member of the

                                          Presbyterian Seminary in Cairo. Pastor Tom will provide



Saturday,  Oct. 1                9:00am                Church Fair and Bake Sale


Sunday, Oct. 2                 10:00am                Morning Worship

                                                                       World Communion Sunday

                                                                       Receive Peacemaking Offering


                                           6:00pm                Church Potluck Supper

                                                            you are encouraged to bring a dish from a recipe

                                                            you submitted for our Cookbook 

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