Thursday, September 16, 2010

This Week At Old South Haven Presbyterian Church


Sunday, Sept. 19       10:00am Morning Worship
                                   Sermon       “The Anguish Of The Prophet”
                                   Lessons:       Jeremiah 8:18 – 9:1 and I Timothy 2: 1-7

                                     6:00pm       Pot Luck Supper followed by program
                                                        “After Katrina”. Joe Vione, a high school
                                                        senior speaks on his summer work project
                                                        in New Orleans

Monday, Sept. 20       7:00pm        Session Meeting: meeting with new

Saturday, Sept. 25       9:30am-3:30pm       PRESBYTERY DAY
                                                                     Setauket Presbyterian Church
                                                                     Workshops, Worship with
                                                                      All-Presbytery Choir      $10.

Sunday, Sept. 26         10:00am        Morning Worship
                                                           We welcome four new members

Looking Ahead
Sunday, Oct. 3              !0:00am       WORLD COMMUNION SUNDAY

Saturday, Oct. 9                                 Church Yard Sale

A Lesson in Perseverance (from the New York Times, Sept. 4, 2010)
       Cha Sa-soon is a 69 year old woman who lives alone in the mountain-ringed village of Sinchon, 112 miles south of Seoul, Korea. This diminutive woman, now known nationwide as “Grandma Cha Sa-soon”, has achieved a record that causes people there to first shake their heads with astonishment and then smile. She failed her drivers test hundreds of times but never gave up. Finally, she got her license – on her 960th try. For three years starting in April 2005, she took the test once a day, five days a week. After that her pace slowed to about twice a week. She never quit. “When she finally got her license, we all went out in cheers and hugged her, giving her flowers,” said Park Su-yeon, an instructor at the driving school Ms. Cha once attended. “It felt like a huge burden falling off our back. We didn’t have the guts to tell her to quit because she kept showing up.”  It was the written test that she failed so many times. When she finally passed an automotive group started an online campaign asking people to congratulate her. Thousands poured in. In early August, Hyundai presented Ms. Cha with a $16,88 car. Her name means “vehicle” in Korean. She now appears in a commercial for Hyundai. Her education was limited to the fourth grade and her problem with the test was she could read and write words phonetically but she could not understand most of the terminology.   YES, she passed the Driving Test on her fourth attempt. On her wall, next to photos of herself and he late husband she has posted a handwritten – and misspelled – sign that reads:
“Never give up!”

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