Saturday, February 10, 2018

This Week at Old South Haven Church

Sunday, Feb. 11                    10:00am                               Morning Worship
                                                                            (though this is ' Transfiguration of the Lord"
                                                                             this will not be the theme today)
                                                                             Sermon: "When the Church Shuts Down"
                                                                             Lessons: 2 Kings 5:1-14   Mark 1: 40-45
                                                                             Sunday School
                                                  5:30pm               Pot Luck Supper
Wednesday, Feb. 14                                                          ASH  WEDNESDAY
Saturday, Feb. 17                      9:30am              Property/Finance Committee
                                                  1:00pm               Celebration of the Life of Craig Tenke
                                                                             United Methodist Church, Bellport                          
                                                                             Pastor Tom officiating
Sunday, Feb. 18                       10:00am              First Sunday of Lent
Monday, Feb. 19                        7:00pm              Session Meeting
Wednesday,  Feb. 21                 8:30am             Mid Suffolk Presbyterian Clergy
                                                                            Royal Oak

Friday, February 2, 2018

This Week at Old South Haven Church

Sun., Feb.4                      10:00 am                 Ordination and Installation of  Elders and Deacons
                                                                                           Holy Communion
                                                                         Sermon:  "It Was the Best of Times"
                                                                         Lessons: Isaiah 40: 21-31  Mark1: 29-39
                                          2:00 pm                  Brookhaven Library Annual Tea
Tues., Feb. 6                    1:00 pm                    Lunch bunch at Judi Bird's
Sun., Feb, 11                   10:00am                    Morning Worship
                                                                           Sermon:  "When the Church Shuts Down"
                                                                           Lessons:  II Kings 5: 1-14  Mark 1: 40-45
                                         5:30 pm                     Pot Luck Supper
Wed., Feb. 14                                                               ASH  WEDNESDAY
Sat., Feb. 17                    9:30am                       Finance/Property Committee
                                        1:00 pm                     Celebration of the Life of Craig Tenke
                                                                           United Methodist Church of Bellport
                                                                           Pastor Tom officiating
Mon., Feb. 19                  7:00 pm                      Session Meeting
Wed., Feb. 21                  8:30 am                      Western Suffolk Presbyterian Clergy
                                                                            Royal Oak Diner
Linda Scott has sent out an e mail indicating we would like to schedule our next NEWSletter for just before Holy Week, therefore, she is asking people to start submitting articles

Hello everyone,

Hope you re well as we enter the new year.

It s hard to believe the Lenten season begins in two weeks. Once again Old South Haven will be mailing a spring issue of the NEWS.

Please email me your articles, annual reports and inspirational messages as soon as possible. Linda Scott <>

Thank you and have a blessed day!

Warm regards,

Thursday, January 25, 2018

This Week at Old South Haven Church

NOTE: We received word on Thursday from Tom Wiswall of his brother John. We extend to John's wife Julia,
daughter Celeste and son Aaron our deepest sympathies.. John was predeceased by his bothers Stephen
(1947-1997) and Benjamin (1961-2012). A Memorial Service will be held on Saturday, March 3 in the Boston area
                                                                                                                                     Pastor Tom
Saturday, Jan 27                9:00am                          Presbytery Meeting
Sunday, Jan.28                 10:00am                          Morning Worship
                                                                                  Sermon:   "A New Teaching"
                                                                                  Lessons:  Deuteronomy 18: 15-20
                                   2:00pm-5:00pm                      South Country Peace Group
                                                                                   Peace Party
                                                                                   St. James Episcopal Church, Brookhaven
Sunday, Feb. 4                  10:00am                          Morning Worship/Holy Communion
                                                                                   Ordination/Installation Deacons/Elders
                                                                                   Sermon:   :It Was the Best of Times"
                                                                                    Lessons:  Isaiah 4: 21-31
                                             2:00pm                          Brookhaven Library Tea
Saturday, Feb. 17                                                        Memorial Service for Craig Tenke
                                                                                     Bellport United Methodist Church
                                                                                     Combined Choirs
                                                                                     Pastor Tom officiating

Friday, January 19, 2018

This Week at Old South Haven Church

Saturday, January 20            7:00 pm - 11:00 pm       Brown Bag Ball
                                                                                    Christ Episcopal Church, Bellport
                                                                                    (20 year tradition benefiting food pantries)
                                                                                    $10 and a bag of dry or can goods

Sunday, Jan. 21                    10:00 am                       Morning Worship
                                                                                    Sermon:  "Like the Words You Speak"
                                                                                    Lessons: Jonah 3: 1-5, 10  Mark 1: 14-20

                                               11:15 am                     Annual meeting of Congregation and Corporation

Saturday, Jan. 27                     9:00 am                      Presbytery Meeting

Sunday, Jan. 28                     10:00 am                       Morning Worship
                                                                                     Sermon:   "A New Teaching"
                                                                                     Lessons:   Deuteronomy 18:15-20
                                                                                                        Mark 1: 21-28

                                                2:00  pm                        South Country Peace Group
                                                                                      Annual Peace Party
                                                                                      St. James Episcopal Church, Brookhaven

Friday, December 29, 2017

This Week at Old South Haven Church

This being the last "This Week at Old South Haven Presbyterian Church' for 2017, let it begin with

                                   HAPPY  NEW YEAR  2018

Sunday, Dec. 31 New Years Eve    10:00 am              Morning Worship
                                                                                     Sermon    "Reinventing Yourself"
                                                                                      Lessons: Micah 6: 6-8
                                                                                                    Psalm 139: 1-10, 13-18, 23,24

Monday,  Jan. 1                          NEW  YEAR'S  DAY

Saturday, Jan. 6     2:00 pm                               "A WELCOME TO THE YEAR 2018
                                                                             Michael Kearney at the Hinners Organ
                                                                                    (see flier attached)

Sunday, Jan 7            10:00 am                         Morning Worship/ Holy Communion
                                                                           Sermon:   :Vision, Venture, Endurance"
                                                                                  (in observance of Epiphany, Jan. 6)
                                                                            Lessons:  Isaiah 60:1-6  Matthew 2: 1-12
                                                                                             Ephesians 3: 1-12
                                    11:15 am                         removal of Christmas tree and decorations

Wednesday, Jan 10       8:30 am                         Mid Suffolk Presbyterian Clergy
                                                                            Royal Oak Diner 

Saturday, Jan. 13           9:30 am                         Property/Finance Committee

                                      12: 30 pm                       35th Annual Meeting
                                                                              South Country Peace Group
                                                                               The Gallery 

 Sunday, Jan 14               10:00 am                      Morning Worship

Monday,  Jan 15                                                    Birthday of Martin Luther King Jr.

Tuesday,  Jan  16                7:00 pm                     Session Meeting    (note change of day)

Wednesday, Jan. 17           12:30 pm                  Becker/ Gamble Committee    
                                                                                 The Gallery

Saturday, Jan. 20                                                    Craig Tenke Memorial Service
                                                                                 United Methodist Church of Bellport
                                                                                  Rev. Philipp  officiating

Sunday, Jan. 21                   10:00 am                       Morning Worship
                                              11:15 am                      Annual Meeting of Congregation and Cooperation

Saturday, Jan. 27                                                       Presbytery Meeting

Sunday, Jan. 28                   10: 00 am                      Morning Worship

                                               2:00 pm                       South County Peace Group
                                                                                    Annual  Party
                                                                                    St. James Episcopal Church

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

This Week at Old South Haven Church

With Sadness we bring you notice of the death of Dr. Craig Tenke this past Tuesday. Craig and his sister Carol  Ann Trask have been regular worshipers at Old South Haven. Craig was a Research Scientist n the Department of Psychiatry of Columbia University. I first met Craig twenty-five years ago as a member with me of the Presbytery's chapter of our denomination's  "Honoring All Voices". This organization worked for the full inclusions of GLBT individuals in our denomination. Craig was an Elder and had served on the Session of the Presbyterian Church of Center Moriches. A memorial service will be held  with the  date not yet set. To Craig's wife Jo Ann, his family, and his sister Carol Ann we extend our deepest sympathy.  
   Pastor Tom

Sunday, Dec. 24            10:00 am                           Fourth Sunday of Advent
                                                                                Sermon: "A Place for God"
                                                                                 Lessons:  !! Samuel   7: 1-11, 16   Luke 1: 26-38
                                                                                Lighting of the Advent Candle of Love

                                      11:00 pm                                 CHRISTMAS  EVE
                                                                               Candlelight Service
                                                                               Lessons and Carols

Monday, Dec. 25                                                       CHRISTMAS
                                                            A Most Blessed Christmas to All

Sunday, Dec. 31           10:00 am                        Morning Worship
                                                                            Sermon:  "Reinventing Yourself"
                                                                            Preacher:  Claudia Taylor

Saturday, Jan. 6             2:00 pm                        Organ  Concert
                                                                          Michael Kearney

Thursday, November 23, 2017

This Week at Old South Haven Church

Thursday, Nov. 23                                             HAPPY  THANKSGIVING

Sunday, Nov. 26        10:00 am                  Morning Worship
                                                                   Brian Mullahy, Preacher
                                                                   Church School meets

Sunday, Dec. 3          10:00 am                 First Sunday of Advent/ Holy Communion
                                                                  Sermon:  "When Pleasant Places Have Become Ruins"
                                                                  Lessons:  Isaiah 64: 1-9  Mark 13: 24-37

Thursday, Dec. 7         6:00 pm                 Rehearsal for Michael Douglas Jones's voice student

Friday, Dec. 8              7;00 pm                 Recital for Michael Douglas Jones;s students

Saturday, Dec. 9    10:00 am - 3:00  pm          CHRISTMAS  BOUTIQUE

Sunday, Dec. 10       10:00 am                 Second Sunday of Advent
                                                                 Sermon: :" God Meets Us As We Are"
                                                                 Lessons    Isaiah 40: 1-11   Mark 1: 1-8

                                 11:15 am                 Decorate Christmas Tree and Sanctuary

Wednesday, Dec, 13  8:30 am                 Mid Suffolk Presbyterian Clergy
                                                                 Royal Oak Diner

Friday, Dec. 15           7:00 pm                Christmas Party at the Manse
                                                                 Church Officers and Staff

Sunday, Dec. 17       10:00 am                 Third Sunday of Advent
                                                                  Sermon: "A Vision, A Voice, A message of Joy"
                                                                   Lessons:  Isaiah 61: 1-4  I Thessalonians 5: 16-24
                                                                                     John 1: 6-8, 19-28
                                                                   Church School Play

Sunday, Dec. 24       10:00 am                  Fourth Sunday of Advent       
                                                                  Sermon:  "A Place For God"
                                                                  Lessons:  II Samuel 7: 1-11, 16   Luke 1: 26-38

                                 11:00 pm                            CHRISTMAS  EVE
                                                                 Candlelight service of Lessons and Carols

Sunday, Dec. 31      10:00 am                  Morning Worship
                                                                 Claudia Taylor, Preacher

Looking Ahead
Saturday, Jan. 5        2:00 pm                   ORGAN  CONCERT
                                                                  Michael Kearney, Organist